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Grow Out (plain-sized) fish

Live Fish – Shaldag produces its live fish in a fully recirculating aquaculture system and controls all aspects of production from egg to plate size fish. The fish are grown in high water quality and optimal environmental conditions. We are not using any harmful chemicals or antibiotics, and our fish are among the safest aquaculture products available in the market. Our catfish are available in different sizes, categories starting from 400gr up to 1.2kg. Give us a call to schedule your next live fish pickup.

Juvenile fish.

Live juveniles- Shaldag produces the highest quality African catfish juveniles (Clarias gariepinus) to be grown at our farm in Epe and to support other farms. Juveniles are available for sale year-round and are usually released at an average bodyweight of ~10gr. These highest quality juveniles, produced out of prime genetically selected broodstock and grown under optimal conditions, will ensure receiving a very healthy fish with optimal growth performances. Give us a call to schedule your next juvenile fish pickup.

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