Shaldag Fish

What We Do

What We Do

In Shaldag we strive to allow Nigerians to feed Nigerians and the world.
We produce the best African CatFish (Clarias gariepinus) using modern technology and transforming it into traditionally smoked flavored products.

We implement modern twists to traditional techniques and continue to improve our process that makes our products leaders among peers. We use locally sourced ingredients in all our products to deliver the best-in-class product.

Shaldag strives to provide its customers with better, healthier, more sustainable alternatives for their preferred dishes and develop new ones.

In Shaldag, we aspire to spread the word and success to others and started to share our good fortune with others by sharing knowledge and opportunities with smallholder farmers around the country.

We have committed ourselves to continue to support the growth of locally sourced and add value products and we’re looking for similar-minded entrepreneurs and businesses to partner with to strengthen and develop our great nation.